Education to help you ensure RoP Compliance

The new RoP standards, covering 30 chapters and 706 pages, impact all aspects of post-acute care and operations—quality of care, patient rights, other vital front-line patient care, as well as support services and facility requirements.

With RoP Learning, you can select the online training modules that are most relevant and specific to the needs of each member of your patient care, support, therapy, administration, and physical facility teams.

Covered in 20 Web-based sections, each RoP Learning module provides every member of your team with the job-specific training they need to quickly understand and comply with these new RoP requirements in your facility.


Each member of your patient care, support, and administrative teams will have access to the training they need

Although RoP Learning covers the complete range of RoP content required for compliance, each member of your care, support, administration, or facility team, based on their area of specialization, need only focus on the specific modules having the greatest impact on their role in your facility.

The specialized, comprehensive RoP Learning curriculum was developed for busy care professionals by our experienced team of educational experts. Designed as an easy-to-use, Web-based learning system, RoP Learning can help everyone in your facility – regardless of their position – gain a rapid understanding how the new RoP requirements will impact their day-to-day work in your post-acute facility.


The ROP Learning system covers these major areas of RoP compliance

Resident Rights F550-F586
Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation F600, F602-F610
Admission Transfer and Discharge Rights F620-F626, F635, F660-F661
Resident Assessment F636-F646
Comprehensive Person-Centered Care Planning F656-F659
Quality of Life F675-F680
Quality of Care F684-F699
Physicians Services F710-F715
Nursing Services F725-F732
Behavioral Health Services F740-F745
Pharmacy Services F755-F761, F770-F779
Dental Services F790-F791
Food and Nutrition Service F800-F814
Specialized Rehabilitative Services F825-F826
Administration F835-F846, F849-F851
Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement F865-F868
Infection Control F880-F883
Compliance and Ethics Program F895
Physical Environment F906-F926
Training Requirements F940-F949


  • ANCC Continuing Education
  • NAB Continuing Education
  • Mobile Friendly Courses
  • Access to Full Curriculum
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  • ANCC Continuing Education
  • NAB Continuing Education
  • Mobile Friendly Courses
  • Access to Full Curriculum
  • Full Year of Access to Courses
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